Education & Schools

All schools comprise both Nursery and Primary schools:

  1. Alike Primary School
    Village/Town Umunakanu Ama 08067253197
  2. Amaise Primary School Umuduako Agbaja
    Village/Town Umuduruako Agbaja 07084423610
  3. Amano Primary School Umukabia
    Village/Town Umualuwoke
  4. Central School Agbaja
    Village/Town Agbaja 07063369636
  5. Central School Dioka Nzerem
    Village/Town Dioka Nzerem 08064860532
  6. Central Ezeoke Nsu
    Village/Town Ezeoke Nsu 08024949180
  7. Central School Ikpem
    Village/Town Ikpem 08080218906
  8. Central School Umuakasu Nsu
    Village/Town Umuakagu Nsu 08088154864
  9. Central School Umuaro
    Village/Town Umunumo 08060981470
  10. Central School Umueze I
    Village/Town Umueze I 08085521823
  11. Central School Umueze II
    Village/Town Umueze II 07037835690
  12. Central school Umuezeala Ogwara
    Village/Town Umuezeala Ogwara 08068779610
  13. Central School Umuezeala Owerre
     Village/Town Umuezeala Owerre 08060555808
  14. Central school Umukabia
    Village/Town Umukabia 08033679025
  15. Central School Umunakanu Owerre
    Village/Town Nkwokwe Umunakanu Owerre 08038965799
  16. Central school Umunumo
    Village/Town Oriagu Umunumo 08035216206
  17. Central School Umuopara Ehime
    Village/Town Ogboam  08167780200
  18. Central School Umuoma Nzerem
    Village/Town Umuoma Nzerem 08037982589
  19. Community Central School Agbaja
    Village/Town Agbaja
  20. Community Primary School Abosi Agbaja
    Village/Town Abosi Abaja 0808929364
  21. Community Agbaghara Nsu
    Village/Town Agbaghara nsu 08169262330
  22. Community Primary School Alike Umunumo
    Village/Town Alike Umunumo 08027685708
  23. Community Primay School Mgbamnofa Agbaja
    Village/Town Mgbamnofa Agbaja 07065194394
  24. Community School Umuduru/Umuopara Nsu
    Village/Town Umuduru/Umopara Nsu 07088527236
  25. Community School Umueleke
    Village/Town Umueleke 07032525513
  26. Community School Umugolo umunakanu Owerre
    Village/Town Umugolo umunakanu Owerre 08133072794
  27. Community School Umueze I
    Village/Town Umueze I 08020365025
  28. Community Primary School Umueze II
    Village/Town Duruegbele 07030415753
  29. Community School Umuezeala Nsu
    Village/Town Umuezeala Nsu 08068239141
  30. Community school umuzeala Ama
    Village/Town Umuezeala Ama 08058804078
  31. Community Primary School Umunakanu Ama
    Village/Town Umuele Umunakanu Ama 08035926211
  32. Community Primary School Umkabia
    Village/Town OD Na Ezeala Umukabia 08022141126
  33. Community Primary School Umunuhu Nsu
    Village/Town Nsu 08024037951
  34. Community Primary School Umuobia Agbaja
    Village/Town Umubia Agbaja 08039099195
  35. Development Primary School Umunumo
    Village/Town Umuehie 07030457686
  36. Umuodu Primary School Umueze I
    Village/Town Umuodu Umueze I 08037093308
  37. Union Primary School Umunumo
    Village/Town Umuofeke Umunumo 08036086475


  1. Agbaja Secondary Technical School
  2. Boys Model Secondary School Umualumaku
  3. Community Secondary School Umunumo
  4. Community Secondary Dioka Nzerem
  5. Comprehensive Secondary School Umukabia
  6. Comprehensive Secondary School Agbaja Nsu
  7. Comprehensive Secondary School Umuezeala Ogwara
  8. Fatima Secondary Umuakagu
  9. Girls Secondary School EZeoke Nsu
  10. Ezeoke High School EZeoke Nsu
  11. Girls high School Umuezeala Owerre
  12. Ibeafor Secondary School Umunumo
  13. Nsu Commercial High School Umuanunu Nsu
  14. Umuduru Nsu Secondary School
  15. Commercial Secondary School Umuezeala Ama
  16. Secondary Commercial School Umueleke
  17. Secondary Technical Scholl Umueze I
  18. Umueze II Secondary School
  19. Comprehensive Secondary School Umunakanu Ama
  20. Union Comprehensive Secondary School NzeremFederal Ministry of Education 2010/2011 School Census Form Pre-primary and Primary Education Public Schools in Ehime Mbano L.G.A

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