Ehime Mbano World Congress Inc. Board

  1. President:      Prince Joe Nduka
  2. Vice President:      Patrick Nwachukwu
  3. Secretary:      Chief Nat Iwuagwu
  4. Public Relations Officer:   Amaka Egemuonu
  5. Treasurer:      Mrs. Doris Ebo
  6. Financial Secretary:      Rev. Father Emeka Iwuanyanwu
  7. Director of Protocol:      Chief Peter Ndubuisi
  8. President Emeritus:      Chief Tony Ogbonna
  9. President Emeritus:      Dr. Allen Njoku

Ehime Mbano Local Government

Ehime Mbano is a Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Ehime. It has an area of 169 km² and a population of 130,931 at the 2006 census. The postal code of the area is 472.

Ehime Mbano Local Government Area Geo Political is in Okigwe senatorial zone that was carved out of the former Mbano L.G.A. in 1989 with its Headquaters Umuezeala, it is made up of five major clans namely Umueze, Agbaja Umukabia, Akanumuezeala, Nneato Ugwumezi and Nsu with twenty nine Autonomous communities.

From the North by Onuimo you get to Ehime Mbano. Also from the South through Ahiazu you get to Ehime Mbano and from the East and West by Ihittte/Uboma and Isiala Mbano you get to Ehime Mbano L.G.A.



  1. Agbaja Ward
  2. Umueze I ward
  3. Ikpe Nsu Ward
  4. Umueze II/Umueleke Ward
  5. Umukabia Ward
  6. Ihitte Nsu Ward
  7. Nzerem/Ikpem Ward
  8. Umualumaku/Umuhim Ward
  9. Umualumaku Ward
  10. Umunumo Ward
  11. Umuezeala Ward

Health & Welfare

1 Agbaja Agbaja Agbaja Health Post
2 Nsu A Umuezeala Nsu Mgbam Health Post Umuezeala Nsu Health Center
3 Nsu B Umuduru Umuopara Umuduru Umuopara Health Centre
4 Nzerem Ikpem/Ikpem Nzerem Nzerem Healh Centre
5 Umukagu Umukagu Umukagu Health Centre
6 Umualumaku/Umuihim Umualumaku Umualumaku/Umuihim Health Centre
7 Umueleke Umuekeke Umueleke Health Centre
8 Umueze I Umueze I Umueze1 Health Centre and Umuihim Health Post.
9 Umueze II Umueze II Umueze II Health Centre/Duruegwele Health Centre Okwe Owerre
10 Umueze Ama Umueze Ama Isi Ehime Health Post
11 Umuezeala Owerre Umuezeala Owerre Umuezeala Owerre Health Post
12 Umukabia Umukabia Osuru Health Centre and Umukabia Health Post
13 Umunakanu Umunakanu Umunakanu Health post and Umugolo Health Post
14 Umunumo Ibeafor Umunumo Ibeafor Umunumo Ibeafor Health Centre
15 Umunumo Ibeafor Umunumo Ibeafor Umunumo Basic Health Post.

Culture & Festivals

  • Mbomuzo Festival
  • Iwa Akwa festival
  • Iri Ji Festival
  • Agba Agwu Festival
  • Egwu Onwa festival

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